FLEXAUST 4" FlexTube PE 50FT Length Black 3481040050 for Ventilation, Conduit, + {1}
FLEXAUST 4" FlexTube PE 50FT Length Black 3481040050 for Ventilation, Conduit, + {1}

FLEXAUST 4" FlexTube PE 50FT Length Black 3481040050 for Ventilation, Conduit, +

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FLEXAUST 4" FlexTube PE 50FT Length Black 3481040050 for Ventilation, Conduit, +

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FLEXAUST 4" FlexTube PE 50FT Length Black 3481040050 for Ventilation, Conduit,
PLEASE CONTACT US WITH ANY QUESTIONS SEE FULL DESCRIPTION BELOW Liquid error: Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection. Parameter name: index Product Description Shipping Information Returns Brand: Flexaust Product Line: Flex-Tube PE Color: Black Length: 50' Diameter: 4" Light-weight UV stabilized black polyethylene copolymer hose with a black rigid external polyethylene helix. Smooth interior wall assures efficient airflow Very flexible and crush resistant Ideal for lightweight vacuum applications Helix acts as a wearstrip Wall thickness: .012" Common Applications: conduit, limo A/C duct, ventilation Approximate Weight: .36 lbs/ft CL Bend Radius: 5" Compression Ratio: 2:1 Negative Pressure: 4 in/Hg Working Pressure: 10 PSI
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Actual Inside Diameter (ID): 4"
Actual Length (Feet): 50'
Brand: Flexaust
Length Type: Reel
Nominal Inside Diameter (ID): 4 in
Nominal Length (Feet): 50 ft
Nominal Outside Diameter (OD): 4 in
Sheath Color: Black
Structural Build: Flexible
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